Pollution Fighter Industrial Air Cleaners & Accessories are products of Northern Air Corp. AIR DEFENSE Clean Pollution Fighter CLEAN ROOM TECHNOLOGY Pollution Fighter  MODEL INC-1100  self-contained UV/HEPA filter air cleaner FRONT EXTERIOR FINISHED IN WHITE VINYL 18 GAUGE STEEL FINISHED IN GALVANNEAL FOR ADDITIONAL PROTECTION FROM THE ELEMENTS RED PILOT LIGHT, HI/LOW SPEED Standard: H.E.P.A  Northern Air’s  95% D.O.P.  Provides a greater filtering surface area that enhances performance  while maintaining optimum  airflow through the filtering media. Optional efficiency levels up to 99.97%. EASY ACCESS FILTER DOOR FINISHED IN WHITE BAKED ENAMEL MODEL INC-1100 Standard: Activated carbon filter        Northern Air Corp. air cleaners should be sized according to the volume of the room, and the use of the area (air changes per hour method). Standard:  Pre-filter 1 year supply of filters (based on average use) Doctor’s Office, Clean Rooms, Computer Rooms, Mail Rooms, Control Centers, Office Areas or anywhere air quality has become a Health Concern. APPLICATIONS Factors to consider in applying air filter units include:      *  Ceiling height      *  Type of contamination      *  Rate of contaminant generation      *  Anticipated cubic feet of air per minute per unit By considering these  factors the number  of air filtration units will be required and can be adjusted up or down to account for abnormalities in operating conditions. To determine the number of units, Northern Air recommends 10 air changes per hour for most applications. THREE-WAY ADJUSTABLE DIFFUSER IN WHITE ENAMEL  bill@northernaircorp.com   1-800-772-4394