AIR DEFENSE Clean UV ERADICATOR   UV-8000 STERILE AIR UVC EMITTERS   collecting  lint & dust in concert killing infectious microbes. Two GERMICIDAL *ultraviolet Pollution Fighter Industrial Air Cleaners & Accessories are products of Northern Air Corp. Lifetime Warranty AN AIR CLEANER GUARANTEED TO WORK Pollution Fighter Proven Performance and Reliability UV-8000     SPECIFICATIONS: Hospital Linens and Disease Transmission Filtration should be considered your first line of defense against airborne infectious agents.  The UV Eradicator removes lint & dust while eradicating (ultraviolet GERMICIDAL) all infectious airborne contaminants being transported by airborne lint & dust with every air change through the UV Eradicator at 8,000 cubic feet per minute.  If there is concern with the possible exception of smaller viral particles the optional,                                                                                     would be warranted.  HEPA & UV-C in the Pollution Fighter AR-6000