Pollution Fighter INTAKE 40” X 40” CONTROL MODULE Filter advance manual/auto, red indicator light when filter is advancing. Contaminated filter media collected in collection tray. COLLECTION TRAY SEE-THRU FILTER ACCESS DOOR  (One each side) for easy access AUTOMATIC ROLL FILTER 100 yards long, rolls from top to bottom, contaminated filter media collected in collection tray. HEPA Filter Germicidal -ultraviolet BAG FILTER(95% @.5 microns) PLEATED FILTER ACTIVATED CARBON (100%) CARBON FILTER (ODOR & FUME) PRE-FILTER New for the industry where indoor air pollution has been an uncontrollable health & safety issue and more than a nuisance. Pollution Fighter Industrial Air Cleaners & Accessories are products of Northern Air Corp. AIR DEFENSE Clean  bill@northernaircorp.com   1-800-772-4394 AR-6000