Pollution Fighter Industrial Air Cleaners & Accessories are products of Northern Air Corp. AIR DEFENSE Clean Pollution Fighter ...without the laborious weekly  maintenance,  10 times longer between blow downs without any service, no filter to clean, reduce  fire hazards . Simply Incredible Lint and Dust Control The Pollution Fighter Automatic Air Filter collects 12,000 cubic feet of   lint and dust laden air per minute out of the air stream, and is automatically  collected and rolled up for easy disposal.  The Pollution Fighter will maintain   constant airflow by maintaining the static pressure as the lint builds up on the   filter media. This enables the Pollution Fighter to operate independently for   24/7, 365 days with no service or maintenance, automatically maintaining    the required airflow to keep contaminants in control.  New for the laundry and linen industry where lint & dust has been an uncontrollable health & safety issue, and more than just a nuisance.  Now due to the increase growth of the industry by share volume, the need has come to address the issue that every industry has had to.  Clean Air and its subject of numerous laws and regulations require a safe and healthy environment for all employees and personnel free of fire hazards. Dirty Lint  PF-12000 Airflow EXAMPLE 1. Easy to install. 2. Disposable filters. 3. High filter loading capacity. 4.  Automatically changes filter      and rolls it up for easy disposal. 5.  Operates in multiples  6.  Non-Electrostatic. 7.  Does not effect ambient      air temperature. 8.  Ozone Free. 9.  Quiet  less than 75 db 10.  No maintenance. FEATURES